550,000 UK State pensions have their UK State Pension frozen.
Are you one or will you become one soon?


The International Consortium of British Pensioners (ICBP) represents 550,000 British pensioners, who are being denied their rightful Pension Rights by the British Government because of where they have chosen to live. Britain’s is the only Government in the OECD to treat their pensioners in such an appalling selective manner.

These 550,000 pensioners represent just under half of all the UK’s expat pensioners. Another 640,000 expats living within the EEA or 16 other countries have a Pension Reciprocal Agreement with the UK and because of these agreements they receive an annual uprating of their UK pensions as if they were still residing in the UK.

All 1.2 million recipients of the UK State Pension will have worked in the UK and had mandatory National Insurance contributions deducted from their pay slips.  It’s the fact that 550,000 have their pensions immorally frozen is a blatant discrimination of the worst kind.

ICBP is an umbrella organization comprising British Pensions in Australia [BPiA] and the Canadian Alliance of British Pensioners [CABP]. Both of these non-profit organizations have members from all over the world who have subscribed to join ICBP’s campaign to achieve a change to the UK’s pension policy.

Both organisations are dedicated to persuading the UK Government to overturn its flawed pension policy and to treat its pensioners in the same fair, moral and equal manner as do all the other OECD nations.

Please join us British expats irrespective of where you now live and contribute to our fight for pension justice.

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