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Retirement should be all about doing the things that make life worthwhile,

not walking hand in hand with poverty.

Have you ever worked in the UK? You may be eligible for a UK state pension.

Is your UK state pension frozen like an iceberg?


Worried Pensioner

Life can be complicated for over half of the British state pensioners who find they have retired to a country which is “frozen” and they discover that they do not receive the annual up-rating of their UK state pension. These pensioners now live in one of 120 “frozen” countries where the UK government refuses to provide the annual inflationary increase for state pensions.


Their payments remain “frozen” in time, staying at the same amount as when they first received their overseas pension. This leaves some to survive on as little as £30 per week and in some cases they are now receiving less than when their pension first started. How can this be right?


As you click through this website you will find a number of quotes from UK pensioners and politicians from both Houses of the British Parliament, and across all parliamentary parties – they are universally saying the same thing – it is time to abolish the “frozen” pension policy, once and for all. Can they all be wrong?


John Duffy – ICBP Chair

The International Consortium of British Pensioners (ICBP) is composed of two funding member organizations: British Pensions in Australia (BPIA) and the Canadian Alliance of British Pensioners (CABP). The British Caribbean Pensioners Association (BCPA) has recently joined and are represented on the ICBP board. The All Party Parliamentary Group on Frozen Pensions (APPG) is our voice in the UK Parliament. We believe that all UK state pensioners – no matter where they choose to retire overseas – ought to be paid the pension that they have contributed towards and are rightfully entitled to receive. Help us fight this battle as every voice helps!


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