Britain’s State pension practice, which selectively freezes 4% of Britain’s pensioners’ pensions, compares unfavourably with International norms.


The International Consortium of British Pensioners [ICBP] comprises British pensioners who are retired in many countries worldwide and whose UK State pensions are “frozen”. About 80% are retired in the 4 major Commonwealth countries. Canada and Australia are home to 70%+ of these retirees and their two organisations, CABP and BPiA, provide the funds for our fight for justice.


These thousands of British expatriate pensioners are campaigning against the British Government to ensure that all British pensioners-no matter where they live- receive a fair British State pension calculated on the number of years for which they have contributed to the British pension scheme.


The State pensions of about 550,000 British State pensioners are unfairly and unequally frozen from when they are first received overseas from Britain, most of these pensioners are retired in the Commonwealth.  This British pension practice compares unfavourably with the British State pensions paid to 640,000 British expats retired in countries like the USA, The EEA, Jamaica and Israel, where British State pensions, for which all contributed when working in Britain, are uprated annually.


This difference in pension treatment is regarded by most as discrimination and it’s the reason for ICBP’s campaign to overturn the British governments’ regulation which allows this unfair and unique policy to continue; unique for Britain is the only OECD nation with this selective policy.


An adverse impact of this flawed policy is to discourage many UK residents, in particular from Britain’s black and ethnic minorities, from migrating on retirement back to their cultural homelands. This is costing the UK economy £billions in National Health and in other pensioners’ social services which might otherwise be avoided if British pensions were uprated equally in all countries overseas.



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