Find My MP

Please contact the MP of the Constituency in which you last lived in when you lived in the UK by writing/emailing/posting to their Facebook Account/tweeting to their Twitter Account or all four. We know from our previous campaigns that when we all write, our message does get through.

If you need help to find the name or contact details of your MP, please enter details into the spreadsheet below – there will be a slight delay whilst the address details are retrieved.

Please take a few minutes to send a letter/email to any MP with whose constituency you have a personal connection (i.e. places you have previously lived or places where you still have family).

In your correspondence, we advise:

• Setting out your historic constituency link, and write and tell them that you are writing to them on a Parliamentary issue rather than a Constituency one.

• Sharing your own experience as a frozen pensioner and that of others you know.

• Explain why you think that pension freezing is wrong.

• Welcome the fact that the government has recently announced new commitment to continue to up-rate the state pensions of recipients in the EU after Brexit, but make the point that it is surely then wrong to discriminate between those who reside in Europe and those who live in the rest of the world – “Why them and not us?”. It is time for a fair solution for all overseas recipients.

• Ask them to demonstrate their support for you and for other frozen pensioners by joining the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Frozen British Pensions chaired by Sir Roger Gale.