Current Year – 2017


22-Apr-17: Mail Online: This is Money: MPs press for end to frozen state pension injustice

It is a matter of moral responsibility and duty that has been shirked by successive Governments of differing political persuasions disgracefully”

– Sir Roger Gale (Con), Chairman, All Party Parliamentary Group on Frozen British Pensions (APPG)

21-Apr-17: EuroWeekly News: British Ambassador talks Brexit in Spain

21-Apr-17: Euroweekly News: Delegation of expatriates meets at British Embassy in Madrid 

21-Apr-17: The Connexion: MPs say Government should abolish frozen pensions

20-Apr-17: Parliament Hansard:  State Pensions: UK Expatriates

“We are denying pensioners income that rightfully ought to be theirs. Many will have to receive support from relatives, or perhaps they will have to return to the UK”

– Ian Blackford (SNP) – Vice Chair, APPG 

“We need to do this properly and ensure that people living all around the world all get the proper state pension; that is the only real form of justice on this”

– Greg Mulholland (LD) – Member of the APPG

20-Apr-17: Parliament TV: Debate on a Motion relating to State Pensions payable to recipients outside the UK

“Without uprating, recipients reliant on their state pension income could find themselves increasingly impoverished, leaving them unable to afford a basic standard of living and increasingly dependent on relatives”

– Alex Cunningham (Lab) – Shadow Minister (Work and Pensions) (Pensions)

20-Apr-17: The Connexion: MPs to debate end to freezing of state pensions of British pensions abroad

17-Apr-17: BT Money – Retiring Abroad – Expats suffering with frozen State Pensions and weak pound after Brexit

“If you emigrate to the EU, US or several other countries including Samoa, Macedonia and Puerto Rico, your State Pension payment increases each year in line with inflation”

– BT Money

12-Apr-17: CityWire: Waspi, triple lock and free bus passes: Labour’s pension promises

12-Apr-17: The Guardian: The older expats facing poverty – thanks to Brexit and frozen pensions 

11-Apr-17: Money International: Corbyn Arrives Late For Expat State Pension Battle 

3-Apr-17: SBS (Australia): ‘Use Brexit to pressure UK over frozen pensions’: Lobbyists 

3-Apr-17: Olive Press: United in Fear-Brits in Spain and Spanish in the UK

30-Mar-17: DWP (FOI request): Frozen British Pensions – EU/Brexit

30-Mar-17: The Australian: British expats worried Brexit will force them to leave Spain 

30-Mar-17: The Connexion: Sir Roger Gale pushes for reassurance on uprating pensions for Britons in EU 

29-Mar-17: Yahoo! News: Gloom on Spain’s Costa del Sol as Brexit talks loom 

28-Mar-17: Debby Gill: Model letter to an MP

25-Mar-17: The Telegraph: Cabinet ministers warned social care crisis could exacerbate if UK Pensioners return home from abroad over Brexit

24-Mar-17: North West Evening Mail: Labour backs fight against state pension freezes 

24-Mar-17: Daily Mail: Jeremy Corbyn backs vote to unfreeze expat state pensions 

23-Mar-17: Citywire: Labour draws battle lines over ‘Triple Lock’

22-Mar-17: UK Nationals Will Lose All Citizenship Rights on Britain’s Departure From The EU

21-Mar-17: House of Lords: Hansard: Debate on Brexit: Gibraltar

21-Mar-17: Euroweekly News: The Gibraltar delegation meet with Dr. Fox

17-Mar-17:Parliament: State Retirement Pensions: British Nationals Abroad: Written question 

17-Mar-17: Parliament TV: Baroness Benjamin speaks out against the ‘frozen’ pension policy….

17-Mar-17: Euroweekly News: Pensioner campaigners protest Britain’s position on Brexit

16-Mar-17: Financial Times: Spain’s UK expats face Brexit Citizenship Dilemma

11-Mar-17: The Guardian: The Falklands war hero fighting for his state pension 

7-Mar-17: The Times: Experts at the centre of a tangled web

5-Mar-17: Daily Star Online: Spain – Impact Post Brexit

2-Mar-17: Euroweekly News: Foreign Office visitors met with invited guests for Brexit discussion

28-Feb-17: Citywire: Keeping Triple Lock will push state pension age above 70 

28-Feb-17: The Independent – Letter to the editor: Pension Justice

27-Feb-17: Citywire: ‘Flexible’ retirement ‘a mirage’ 

27-Feb-17: Citywire: Don’t bank on a flexible retirement says Royal London (Ex Pensions Minister: Steve Webb)

25-Feb-17: Euroweekly News – Foreign Office discusses Brexit with invited guests 

25-Feb-17: Olive Press: British expats are ‘out of sight, out of mind’ to UK MPs – Brexpats In Spain campaigner

23-Feb-17: The Telegraph: Brexit -What does leaving the EU mean for expats 

22-Feb-17: University of Cambridge: Database protecting UK Ex-pats from Brexit ‘misinformation’ to be built by Cambridge Researchers

22-Feb-17: The Independent: British Pensioners living in EU ‘face healthcare limbo after Brexit’ 

21-Feb-17: House of Lords: European Union Committee – Brexit-Gibraltar – full report 

21-Feb-17: Euroweekly News: Helping the British Overseas

17-Feb-17: The Courier (Spain): Brits Living in Spain will not be affected by Brexit after UK Exit

16-Feb-17: BBC News: Brexit – All you need to know about the UK leaving the EU 

13-Feb-17: The Guardian: Britons living in the EU face Brexit backlash, leaked paper warns

4-Feb-17: Daily Express: Merkel cancels talks on securing rights for UK Expats 

2-Feb-17: Olive Press: British Expat Group Publishes White Paper on Government Brexit negotiations 

2-Feb-17: The Guardian: Alternative White Paper by Britons in EU 

27-Jan-17: The Guardian: Fewer Britons living in EU than previously thought

26-Jan-17: Daily Express: EU looks on bewildered as South Africa vows to agree trade deal with Britain 

19-Jan-17: Pensions Today: Frozen Pensions – ICBP’s Campaign

19-Jan-17: Costa News: Frozen Pensions Fear – Part1 and Part 2

17-Jan-17: Lisbon Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty

17-Jan-17: BBC News: Brexit – UK to leave single market says Theresa May

12-Jan-17: The Olive Press: Brexit: What it may mean to your State Pension

11-Jan-17: BBC News: Retired British expats ‘outstrip European pensioners using NHS’

4-Jan-17: ABC News (Australia): Jim Tilley hopes Brexit could see his frozen pensions increase in value.

4-Jan-17: ABC News (Australia): British retiree’s ‘frozen’ pensions not keeping up with inflation

4-Jan-17: ABC News (Australia): British retirees watch ‘frozen’ pensions disappear 

1-Jan-17: Paul Lewis: Pensions and Benefits Uprating 2017

1-Jan-17: House of Lords – European Union Committee: Brexit – Acquired Rights