Current Year – 2017

24-Mar-17: Daily Mail: Jeremy Corbyn backs vote to unfreeze expat state pensions 

23-Mar-17: Citywire: Labour draws battle lines over ‘Triple Lock’

22-Mar-17: UK Nationals Will Lose All Citizenship Rights on Britain’s Departure From The EU

21-Mar-17: House of Lords: Hansard: Debate on Brexit: Gibraltar

21-Mar-17: Euroweekly News: The Gibraltar delegation meet with Dr. Fox

17-Mar-17:Parliament: State Retirement Pensions: British Nationals Abroad: Written question 

17-Mar-17: Parliament TV: Baroness Benjamin speaks out against the ‘frozen’ pension policy….

17-Mar-17: Euroweekly News: Pensioner campaigners protest Britain’s position on Brexit

16-Mar-17: Financial Times: Spain’s UK expats face Brexit Citizenship Dilemma

11-Mar-17: The Guardian: The Falklands war hero fighting for his state pension 

7-Mar-17: The Times: Experts at the centre of a tangled web

5-Mar-17: Daily Star Online: Spain – Impact Post Brexit

2-Mar-17: Euroweekly News: Foreign Office visitors met with invited guests for Brexit discussion

28-Feb-17: Citywire: Keeping Triple Lock will push state pension age above 70 

28-Feb-17: The Independent – Letter to the editor: Pension Justice

27-Feb-17: Citywire: ‘Flexible’ retirement ‘a mirage’ 

27-Feb-17: Citywire: Don’t bank on a flexible retirement says Royal London (Ex Pensions Minister: Steve Webb)

25-Feb-17: Euroweekly News – Foreign Office discusses Brexit with invited guests 

25-Feb-17: Olive Press: British expats are ‘out of sight, out of mind’ to UK MPs – Brexpats In Spain campaigner

23-Feb-17: The Telegraph: Brexit -What does leaving the EU mean for expats 

22-Feb-17: University of Cambridge: Database protecting UK Ex-pats from Brexit ‘misinformation’ to be built by Cambridge Researchers

22-Feb-17: The Independent: British Pensioners living in EU ‘face healthcare limbo after Brexit’ 

21-Feb-17: House of Lords: European Union Committee – Brexit-Gibraltar – full report 

21-Feb-17: Euroweekly News: Helping the British Overseas

17-Feb-17: The Courier (Spain): Brits Living in Spain will not be affected by Brexit after UK Exit

16-Feb-17: BBC News: Brexit – All you need to know about the UK leaving the EU 

13-Feb-17: The Guardian: Britons living in the EU face Brexit backlash, leaked paper warns

4-Feb-17: Daily Express: Merkel cancels talks on securing rights for UK Expats 

2-Feb-17: Olive Press: British Expat Group Publishes White Paper on Government Brexit negotiations 

2-Feb-17: The Guardian: Alternative White Paper by Britons in EU 

27-Jan-17: The Guardian: Fewer Britons living in EU than previously thought

26-Jan-17: Daily Express: EU looks on bewildered as South Africa vows to agree trade deal with Britain 

19-Jan-17: Pensions Today: Frozen Pensions – ICBP’s Campaign

19-Jan-17: Costa News: Frozen Pensions Fear – Part1 and Part 2

17-Jan-17: Lisbon Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty

17-Jan-17: BBC News: Brexit – UK to leave single market says Theresa May

12-Jan-17: The Olive Press: Brexit: What it may mean to your State Pension

11-Jan-17: BBC News: Retired British expats ‘outstrip European pensioners using NHS’

4-Jan-17: ABC News (Australia): Jim Tilley hopes Brexit could see his frozen pensions increase in value.

4-Jan-17: ABC News (Australia): British retiree’s ‘frozen’ pensions not keeping up with inflation

4-Jan-17: ABC News (Australia): British retirees watch ‘frozen’ pensions disappear 

1-Jan-17: Paul Lewis: Pensions and Benefits Uprating 2017

1-Jan-17: House of Lords – European Union Committee: Brexit – Acquired Rights