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21-Nov-19 – Labour Election Manifesto: Funding Real Change

Labour party commit to uprate ‘frozen’ pensions. Their cost estimates:

2020-21 – £55 million;

2021-22 – £97 million;

2022-23 – £146 million;

2023-24 – £198 million. 
This figure was estimated by the House of Commons Library by taking the total expenditure on frozen pensions in 2018-19 and applying the Office of Budget Responsibility’s annual ‘triple lock’ uprating forecast to each of the following years.  Calculations are based on DWP Benefit Expenditure and Caseload Tables, DWP Stat-Xplore State Pension dataset and the OBR Economic and Fiscal Outlook March 2019.

21-Nov-19 – IFA Magazine: Labour manifesto – the potential impact on people’s finances and long term savings

Labour manifesto – Uprate the state pension for British pensioners overseas

20-Nov-19 – Daily Express: Planning for retirement: Boosting pensions to state pension income – five questions to ask

The reality is the state pension alone is a lot less than the minimum wage salary at around £8,500. For most people it’s unlikely this will give you the kind of lifestyle you might have in mind later on in life.”

– Laura Laidlaw, Head of Customer Communications at Standard Life

19-Nov-19 – Cayman Compass: UK election delays JMC

The annual Overseas Territories Joint Ministerial Council (JMC) brings together political leaders from the Overseas Territories and UK ministers and is the principle forum for reviewing and implementing strategies for promoting the security and good governance of the OTs and their economic and social development, including ‘frozen’ pensions.

19-Nov-19 – Daily Express: State pension age? You could get £140 off electricity bill this winter – who qualifies?

….something else ‘frozen’ pensioners don’t get…

16-Nov-19 – The Independent: Most people don’t receive full state pension, government figures reveal

“Putting aside the thorny question whether the state pension alone can provide an adequate standard of living, the truth is that most people retiring since the reforms in 2016 do not even receive the full amount of state pension…It raises concerns that the level of the ‘safety net’ income provided by the state pension may be lower than people think…..”

But the idea of financially comfortable retirees topping up a healthy private retirement income with the state benefit isn’t accurate either. Research shows that the over-65s rely heavily on the state pension for their income, with £6 in every £10 coming from the state. 

15-Nov-19 – Daily Express: Pension warning: Over 50s ‘facing £135k pension shortfall’ for moderate retirement

The Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association (PLSA) published a report which estimated that a single person could expect to need £20,200 per year in order to enjoy a moderately comfortable retirement. This was calculated to cover basic expenditure and some luxuries such as a holiday in Europe.

Click here for Summary;

Click here for Detail

14-Nov-19 – Daily Express: State pension: DWP figures reveal most people not paid full new state pension – are you?

DWP figures show of the 1.1 million who receive new state pension, only 44 percent or nearly 500,000 people receive the full amount.”

– Stephen Lowe, group communications director at Just Group

13-Nov-19 – Daily Express: State pension: Inflation drops to three-year low in major boost for pensioners

If price inflation remains at 1.5 percent this boosts retirees’ purchasing power by 2.4 percent”

– Steven Cameron, Pensions Director at Aegon

….not if you are a “frozen” pensioner though. Current inflation rate in Australia and Canada is around 1.9%, and retirees’ purchasing power is negative due to no increase to their state pension.

12-Nov-19 – Daily Express: Retirement UK: Low income retired homeowners ‘most likely to miss out on state help’

“..the lowest income group (the bottom quintile) receive an average £936 per year in state benefits, which is eight percent of their total income…..these figures prove that retired households with the lowest incomes receive the least State help”

How much are you getting in state benefits? 

12-Nov-19 – International Investment: British expats face losing £50k with pension freeze

“The same must be said about the half million UK pensioners living outside the UK and EU whose pensions are frozen, who include military veterans, former nurses and teachers. 

“Many have served the UK in its darkest hours and are now being plunged into poverty because their State pension continues to reduce in value year-on-year.”

– Cross party group of 40 MPs writing to Thérèse Coffey, Secretary of State at DWP

….is you can stand it, click here to see how much you have lost out on….

11-Nov-19 – This is Money – Steve Webb: Why is my friend getting a bigger state pension when he was contracted out much longer than me? Steve Webb replies

11-Nov-19 – Brit expats in Europe could lose almost £50K through state pension freeze

“British expats who choose a ‘frozen pension’ destination could lose as much as £50,000 in pension income over the years……the many British expat retirees caught up in this cruel law could be forgiven for thinking they’re the forgotten ones whose country of birth no longer cares.”

…and so say all of us…..

10-Nov-19: National Seniors (Australia): Frozen British expat pensioners urged to ‘keep on fighting’

“…it is extremely punishing to people at the end of their lives; at their most vulnerable time and usually when they have emigrated to be with their children. It’s completely disgraceful”

– Miriam Margolyes – Actor, Harry Potter

10-Nov-19: GOV.UK: Apply to vote by proxy if you’re living overseas 

10-Nov-19: Euroweekly News: Some expatriates living in Spain can vote in the UK General Election

British citizens living abroad may vote in UK general elections, referendums and European Parliament elections for up to 15 years after leaving the UK but may only do so if they were registered to vote in the UK while living there.

10-Nov-19 – Sunday Express: State pension to rise: Boris Johnson to pledge maintaining triple lock if he wins election

Boris Johnson will vow to protect the pensions triple lock in a bid to win over the demographic of voters most likely to head to the polls on December 12.

….but nothing for ‘frozen’ pensioners….

6-Nov-19 – Olive Press (Spain): Thousands of British expats in Spain to be denied vote in UK General Election, as Brexit uncertainty lingers

The 15-year-old rule means that UK nationals living abroad for that duration are denied a vote in their homeland.

6-Nov-19 – iexpats: MPs Back Expat Battle Against State Pension Injustice

5-Nov-19 – Lansdown Hargreaves: Retirees will benefit from a state pension boost

For anyone entitled to the full basic state pension, it’s set to increase from £129.20 to £134.25 per week – a total of £262.60 extra over the next year. This is the highest percentage increase to the state pension since 2012″

…..however, the increase for 520,000 ‘frozen’ pensioners next year is £0.00, exactly the same as it was in 2012…. 

5-Nov-19 – Daily Express: Election 2019: Can expats vote? Why expats should vote on December 12 – claim

4-Nov-19 – Daily Express: State pension increase of 3.9% and tax cuts for workers part of £5billion Tory windfall

3-Nov-19 – Sunday Express: State Pension increase: Benefit to rise in biggest hike for eight years

3-Nov-19 – BBC News: Benefits freeze to end in 2020, government confirms

The freeze in benefit payments is to come to an end next year, the government has confirmed.

…however, this doesn’t include the State Pension…

2-Nov-19 – Daily Mail: Tories turn on the spending taps: Boris Johnson promises £5bn boost to pensions and welfare to thwart Labour as poll puts him 12 points clear of Jeremy Corbyn

“Boris Johnson is to hand voters a windfall by ending the benefits freeze as part of a multi-billion pound package of Election spending promises which has caused mounting alarm in the Treasury”.

….but still no sign of pension unfreezing for 520,000 ‘frozen’ pensioners living in over 100 countries….

1-Nov-19 – State Pension to rise from April 2020

“From April 2020, the State Pension is set to rise, making millions of pensioners around £350 a year better off. The [triple lock] system was set up to be fairer and to avoid retirees being caught in the ‘pension poverty’ trap”.

….really???? What about the 520,000 UK pensioners living in “frozen” countries, who have never received an increase to their State Pension? They live in the ‘pension poverty’ trap….

1-Nov-19 – The Connexion (France): Lords say Britons in EU need more protection

The government should commit to uprating [increasing annually] the pensions of UK nationals living in the EU for as long as they continue to live there.

….but what about the 520,000 UK nationals who live in “frozen” countries, and NEVER have their UK State Pension increased?

31-Oct-19 – Daily Express: State pension claimants will get an extra payment this Christmas – how much is the bonus?

State pension claimants could qualify for the £10 Christmas Bonus

….but not the 520,000 UK pensioners living in ‘frozen’ countries….

31-Oct-19 – The Scotsman: Linlithgow and East Falkirk MP calls for state pension freeze to end

The UK state pension is the worst in the devolved world. This issue of frozen pensions is yet another example of UK pension injustice. The Government recently announced that it will up-rate the pensions of all UK pensioners living in the EU for three years until a reciprocal agreement is made after Brexit, but it still refuses to extend this right to pensioners living in ‘frozen’ countries, who include military veterans, former nurses and teachers. The UK Government’s policy on frozen pensions is archaic and unjust, pushing pensioners into poverty and hardship. The Tories cannot be trusted on pensions.”

– Martin Day, MP, Linlithgow & East Falkirk Constituency (SNP)

30-Oct-19 – Iexpats: British Expats In Europe Struggle To Pay Their Bills

“There is real hardship. The impression sometimes given by the tabloid press is that everyone on pension age living in the EU is supping prosecco on a terrace in Tuscany or something like that…there are huge numbers of people who made a very rational decision years ago to move because they could afford to move because they could make their pension go a bit further in countries like rural France or in Spain and they are in desperate straits because of this.”

There are 520,000 UK Pensioners who took similar decisions when they emigrated, but now live in a “frozen” country – no annual uprating for their UK State Pension….EVER

29-Oct-19 – End Frozen Pensions: Letter to Rt Hon Dr Thérèse Coffey MP 

that those who ‘helped make our country the success it is’ must receive the full pension to which they are entitled. It is perverse, unjust and wrong that this pension is not universal to all UK pensioners. We call on you to end the ‘freezing’ of all UK state pensions to show that you truly honour the people who made the UK.

29-Oct-19 – Pensions Age: Govt will continue to uprate state pension beyond 2023 in five European countries

British citizens will continue to get their state pension uprated in April 2023 and afterwards if they live in Ireland, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein.

…and yet, the DWP has always maintained that they would not enter into anymore bilateral agreements because they are too expensive. One rule for UK pensioners living in those five countries, and a totally different rule for the 520,000 UK pensioners living in 150 “frozen” countries….

29-Oct-19 – The Guardian: End anxiety of UK citizens in EU, government urged 

29-Oct-19 – The London Economic: Potential healthcare and pensions “lottery” for UK citizens living in EU after Brexit

29-Oct-19 – The Connexion (France): ‘UK lied to me over pension rights’

A British woman living in Normandy has launched a campaign called British Pensioners for Justice in protest at the removal of lifetime guarantees on pensions and healthcare due to Brexit.

28-Oct-19 – Would-be UK expat retirees urged to choose non-frozen pension destinations 

an ‘enduring injustice’ on over half a million British pensioners…it’s now time to honour retired British citizens who’ve helped make the UK what it is…..the cruel ruling has caused extreme anger as well as deep distress and hardship amongst those affected.

27-Oct-19 – This is Money: MPs call for end to freeze on State pension for half a million expats living outside of Europe

“…it is time to ‘truly honour the people who made the UK’ whose pension payments have been frozen in time…..many have served the UK in its darkest hours and are now being plunged into poverty because their State pension continues to reduce in value year-on-year”

24-Oct-19 – Daily Express: State pension to rise next year but not for those in certain countries – are you affected?

22-Oct-19 – Gov.UK: Warm Home Discount Scheme

“You could get £140 off your electricity bill for winter 2019 to 2020 under the Warm Home Discount Scheme”


21-Oct-19 – BBC News: Brexit: What is in Boris Johnson’s new deal with the EU?

21-Oct-19 – Hope Standard: LETTER: British Pensioners weigh in on Canadian election

…an antiquated and unjust British policy of denying Canadian-resident UK-pensioners with annual indexation is costing the Canadian economy close to $1 billion every year.

20-Oct-19 – Brits in Toronto: Brexit: Are we over the line yet?

17-Oct-19 – Daily Express: State pension farce as inflation-busting hike wiped out by new TV licence fee 

17-Oct-19 – Christian Science Monitor: For Brits living in Europe, Brexit throws a once clear future into doubt 

16-Oct-19 – The Local (France): REMINDER: What the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement means for British citizens in France

16-Oct-19 – Daily Mail: ThisisMoney: Pensioners to get bumper 4% rise in state pension to £175.20

No bumper rise in our pension, though. There are 95,000 frozen pensioners who receive less than £20 per week…

16-Oct-19 – HMT: Freedom of Information Request: National Insurance Fund

15-Oct-19 – The Local (France): Brexit: The unanswered questions that remain for Brits in France

Under a deal pensions will continue to be uprated each year as they are now. That means British pensioners in France will still see their pensions increase each year.

But if there’s a no-deal Brexit the UK government has committed to uprating pensions for three years so until the end of the 2022 tax year which is in March 2023.

15-Oct-19 – Daily Express: State pension amount: Surge in people topping up NI contributions – but warning is issued

15-Oct-19 – The Connexion (France): UK’s no-deal report ‘offers no comfort to OAPs Abroad’

“This is not a matter of reciprocal arrangements. It is within the clear gift of the UK government to look after our own people. Will my Right Honorable friend give a clear undertaking that that will be done?”

– Sir Roger Gale (talking to Michael Gove in the Cabinet Office

15-Oct-19 – UK Government: [Brexit] No Deal Readiness Report (Michael Gove)

“With regard to UK state pensions paid to eligible UK state pension recipients living in Member States, in the event of leaving without a deal the UK has now committed to uprate state pensions paid in the EU for a further three years until the end of March 2023, beyond our initial one-year commitment to uprate for the financial year 2019/20. This means we will uprate state pensions for eligible people in the EU for 2020/21, 2021/22 and 2022/23. This additional commitment would extend both to those UK State Pension recipients in the EU on 31 October 2019 and to those pensioners who move there from the UK or start to receive their UK State Pension during the period of the commitment. During that period, we will continue to seek EU-wide reciprocity and/or agreements to maintain the current policy with individual Member States. 

Meanwhile, our State Pension remains frozen…

14-Oct-19 – The Local (Spain): OPINION: The only way to protect all our rights is to stop Brexit altogether

11-Oct-19 – International Express: Expats miss out on bumper rise in cash for pensioners

11-Oct -19 – This is Money: Britain’s worst-off pensioners receive thousands of pounds less in state support than the richest, study finds

…the average income of the poorest pensioners at £8,840 falls some way short of the Joseph Rowntree minimum income standard – £10,452 a year for a single pensioner

….the average State Pension for ‘Frozen’ pensioners is £2,567 per year, and they do not qualify for any UK Govenment benefits….

8-Oct-19 – Bumper State Pension Boost On The Way For Expats

3-Oct-19 – BBC News: Defeat for women in state pension age challenge

3-Oct-19 – High Court Judgment: UK High Court dismisses women’s state pension age claim

1-Oct-19 – Daily Express: State pension amount: Why thousands of pensioners in EU are being contacted this week

Pensioners in Europe who have paid into the system for years deserve peace of mind over their future finances”

– Work and Pensions Secretary Dr. Thérèse Coffey


30-Sep-19 – International Investment: UK government writes to British expats but pension freeze risk remains 

30-Sep-19 – Money Observer: Pensioners on course for state pension increase well ahead of inflation

30-Sep-19 – Daily Express: State pension joy as payments to soar four percent next year in inflation-busting hike

…but no joy for Frozen Pensioners…

27-Sep-19 – The Local (France): Government’s no-deal Brexit letters to Brits around Europe cause alarm

27-Sep-19 – Pensions Age: Govt sends state pension letters ‘reassuring’ EU expats 

23-Sep-19 – The Local (Spain): Reciprocity or nothing: Brits in Spain will have rights withdrawn if UK doesn’t give same guarantees to Spaniards 

22-Sep-19 – Sunday Express: Expats discuss Brexit and their state pension after move to Portugal

“I’ve contributed to the pension and there’s absolutely no reason really, wherever I lived in the world, why I shouldn’t get the same pension than I would if I was staying in the UK”

David John Griffiths Barnes, 68, Living in Lisbon, Spain


19-Sep-19 – Wikipedia features: Frozen Pensions political activist Anne Puckridge

19-Sep-19 – International Investment: 1.3m UK expats face continued retirement and healthcare uncertainty

17-Sep-19 – The Connexion (France): UK should act now on pensions, health, benefits

15-Sep-19 – Sunday Express: Two sisters – two very different pension payouts: Are you getting the right amount?

“Monica explained that while she knew she wouldn’t get the “full” state pension, she hadn’t been aware that it would be frozen from the time she left the UK.”

12-Sep-19 – Money Marketing: Steve Bee: UK state pension is at risk of becoming worthless

According to 2017 OECD figures, the UK does not have the most generous state pension. Pensioners in the UK receive 29 per cent of previous earnings for their state pensions, the OECD states. This means the UK ranks 24th on a global list of how much governments contribute to pensions as a percentage of average earnings.

9-Sep-19 – Spain Is Top Retirement Destination For British Expats

The research showed one in four expats were not aware of countries with reciprocal state benefit arrangement with the UK – and only these countries increase the state pension in line with inflation each year.

8-Sep-19 – Yahoo: What no-deal Brexit means for your pension if you’re retired in the EU

The Department for Work and Pensions announced that Britons in the EEA receiving their state pensions would still under no-deal Brexit be entitled to the annual “triple lock” uprating—the highest of 2.5%, the rate of inflation or average earnings growth—in 2020, 2021 and 2022.

But what happens after 2022 is anybody’s guess at the moment.

6-Sep-19 – World Socialist Web Site: UK pensioners suffer massive increase in poverty

“The United Kingdom is a good example of the Beveridge-lite systems that have historically failed to combat old-age poverty.”

– Professor Bernhard Ebbinghaus, author of “Pension Reforms and Old Age Inequalities in Europe.”

4-Sep-19 – Euro Weekly News: Uprating guarantee for UK State Pension recipients living in Spain

4-Sep-19 – The Local (Spain): No-deal Brexit: British pensions to be uprated until 2022 if UK crashes out of EU

“While pensions have been uprated for British pensioners living in the EU they are not for others living in certain countries like Canada or Australia.”

4-Sep-19 – Olive Press (Spain): CONFIRMED: Government will uprate UK State Pension for those living in the EU until March 2023 in event of no-deal Brexit

4-Sep-19 – Olive Press (Spain): Retired British expats in Spain could suffer freeze in pensions under no-deal Brexit

“Work and Pensions Secretary, Amber Rudd, has suggested the removal of automatic pension increases in Spain would BENEFIT to the UK, referring to the £500m cost of ‘uprating’ expat retiree pensions across the world.”

4-Sep-19 – The Connexion (France): UK extends no-deal state pension uprating to 2022

4-Sep-19 – The Daily Telegraph: British expat pensioners should be worried – the good times won’t last forever  

4-Sep-19 – Money International: No Deal Brexit State Pension Bombshell For Expats

The UK is almost unique in the EU in distinguishing between pensioners who are living in the country and those that are not. If you have worked all your life in the UK, it should be a basic entitlement and up to the individual to decide where they want to live without being penalised. These people paid their contributions and taxes to the UK, and then retired to the EU on the basis that their pension would at least be increased for inflation. To move the goalposts for this vulnerable group when it is too late for them to do anything about it is simply immoral.”

– Jeremy Morgan, a retired barrister living in Italy and vice-chair of the “British in Europe” Brexit campaign group

4-Sep-19 – The Local (France): No-deal Brexit: British pensions to be uprated until 2022 if UK crashes out of EU

3-Sep-19 – This is Money: No-deal threat to expat pensioners: Retirees in EU could lose nearly £50k over 20 years if state pension is frozen

3-Sep-19 – Hilltop Monitor: No-deal Brexit commitment to uprate United Kingdom expat state pensions to 2023

3-Sep-19 – The Times: Amber Rudd’s pensions ‘guarantee’ is kick in the teeth for retired Brits in Europe

Some struggle on in poverty, some return to the UK in desperation, at which point their pensions are uprated again. It’s unjust. Their treatment depends not on their national insurance contributions but entirely on whether the UK has signed a reciprocal social security pact with their country of destination.”

“Lord Randall of Uxbridge, the former Conservative MP for Uxbridge and South Ruislip, Boris Johnson’s constituency, who is supporting the [frozen pensions] campaign, says it provides fresh ammunition. ‘If you are doing this for UK citizens in France and Spain, you should do it for UK citizens everywhere else in the world.'”

“If the Pru or Legal & General were to unilaterally slash private pension payments to customers just because they changed their home address there would be an outcry. The approach taken by the DWP is not so very different.”

– Patrick Hosking, Financial Editor, The Times 


2-Sep-19 – Actuarial Post: Time limited pension increases a fear for ex pats in Europe

2-Sep-19 – Actuarial Post: No deal Brexit ending UK state pension upratings

2-Sep-19 – Expat pension increases guaranteed for three years

2-Sep-19: Moneywise: State pension increases for British retirees in the EU at risk in the event of no-deal Brexit

“The government says that it will only guarantee state pension increases for pensioners living in Europe until March 2023, if Britian leaves the EU without a deal, a move which pension experts have described as “deeply worrying”. The decision could pave the way for automatic increases for pensioners living in EU countries to be removed……Tom Selby, senior analyst at AJ Bell, says that over a 20-year retirement someone could lose out on around £50,000 in retirement income if their state pension was frozen at 2019/20 levels”

2-Sep-19 – International Investment: British expat pensions risk being frozen under no deal Brexit

“If the UK leaves the EU on bad terms with the rest of the Europe there is no guarantee that a new uprating arrangement will be reached, and today’s statement offers no assurance to pensioners that annual increases will continue after that point”

– Steve Webb, former Pensions Minister

2-Sep-19 – Daily Express: State pension to rise for expats living in EU for next 3 years in event of no deal

2-Sep-19 – International Adviser: Stay of execution for UK expat state pensions

“Anyone who is currently retired on the continent, or is considering doing so in the coming years, should factor in the possible loss of state pension uprating into their income planning.”

– Tom Selby, senior analyst at AJ Bell

2-Sep-19 – This is Money: British expats living in the EU face uncertainty as the UK commits to raising state pension payouts under a no-deal Brexit – but only until 2023

2-Sep-19 – Money Observer: UK expat state pensions at risk from no-deal Brexit 

2-Sep-19 – Financial Reporter: EU expats face state pension freeze post-Brexit

2-Sep-19 – FT Adviser: Govt reveals state pension plans for expats after Brexit

1-Sep-19 – The Guardian: Government branded immoral over pensions of UK citizens in EU

1-Sep-19 – Mirage News: Uprating guarantee for UK State Pension recipients living in EU

1-Sep-19 – The Sun: BREXPAT BONANZA Retired Brits living in Europe will get £200 annual Brexit boost to their pensions — even with No Deal

“I want to give them peace of mind that we will automatically continue to pay the State Pension they’re entitled to into their bank account as normal when we leave the EU”

– Amber Rudd – Secretary of State for Department Work and Pensions


1-Sep-19 – Gov.UK: Guarantee for UK State Pension recipients living in EU


Work and Pensions Secretary of State Amber Rudd said:

“This government is working hard to prepare for leaving the EU on 31 October, whatever the circumstances. We will be fully ready for Brexit, and are leaving in a way that protects the interests of citizens here and in EU member states. This guarantee will provide reassurance to the hundreds of thousands of people living in the EU who receive a UK State Pension that their pensions will continue to rise significantly each year, however we leave.”


28-Aug-19 – FT Adviser: Retirees on state pension ran out of money today 

24-Aug-19 – This is Money: Spain tops favourite destination list for people dreaming of a retirement abroad (but Brexit is giving many would-be expats pause for thought)

23-Aug-19 – Wired: Raising the retirement age to 75 won’t fix the UK’s pension problem

22-Aug-19 – The Local (France): LATEST: Your questions answered on a no-deal Brexit

“In a no-deal scenario the government has said it will continue to uprate only until December 31st 2020, after that it will be a case of striking reciprocal agreements with all 27 EU countries.” 

22-Aug-19 – The Guardian: Work until 75? Many people won’t even live that long 

“The pressing issue is not that pensions are too generous – but that they are increasingly hard to get, and far too small. British basic pensions are uniquely low – 16% of average earnings – compared with those of other developed nations”

“Tory peer called raising retirement age to 75 ‘immoral’ while Labour leader called it ‘discriminatory against working class'”

20-Aug-19 – Financial Mirror: Sterling has taken a pounding – don’t go down with it

It has been a chastening experience for British expats, in Cyprus and around the globe, who have taken pride in the fact that a pound has traditionally bought more than one unit of most other currencies.

Now analysts are worried that the world’s fourth most traded currency could fall to parity against the euro and dollar.”

12-Aug-19 – The Majorca Daily Bulletin: Paying the price of Boris

“I have every sympathy with Britons living in the EU who are suffering from the decreasing value in the pound but this devaluation does not just apply to the Euro, it is worldwide and there are more British pensioners living outside the EU (and U.K.) than there are living in the EU. There are 510,000 British pensioners, living mainly in Commonwealth countries, who do not and never have received an annual increase, many now living in poverty and some of whom have been driven to suicide due to the penury forced upon them by the British government.

– John Duffy, Chairman, ICBP (letters to the Editor)

12-Aug-19 – The Sun: PENSION POTHOLE Retired couple may have to sell home of 40 years due to a little-known pension rule

“Barry Pettett, 69, had been collecting national insurance (NI) stamps for years, but has now been told by HMRC that they won’t be accepted because they’re not stuck to an official card”

9-Aug-19 – The Local (Spain): Breaking point: British pensioners in Spain open up about money worries

There is a large community of people in Spain who are reliant on some way in money from the UK. The largest group are pensioners. 

“I buy less , go out less , buy cheaper. I have changed my spending habits and now “only goes out for a meal once every 3 or 4 weeks”.

– Peter Roberts, Pensioner living in Spain

2-Aug-19 – GOV.UK: The Quinquennial Review – GAD takes the long view 

“…we project that without extra support in addition to National Insurance contributions, the Fund balance will fall rapidly to exhaustion in around 2033. Treasury grants would be required from around 2030”

– Government Actuary Department (GAD)

30-Jul-19 – Daily Express: State pension: Could no-deal Brexit affect state pension? ‘Concerns’ for British expats

“As the EU has repeatedly stated, ‘nothing is agreed until everything is agreed’, so the triple-lock and payments from the UK to an EU bank account may be at risk”

-Jason Porter, director of specialist expat financial advisory firm Blevins Franks

29-Jul-19 – Money International: Claiming a UK Pension as an Expat

29-Jul-19 – Brits in Kenya: Campaign fighting to end injustice of frozen pensions for British Expats

25-Jul-19 – Boris Johnson’s Cabinet

23-Jul-19 – Daily Mirror: Why even 39 years of paying NI isn’t enough to guarantee a full state pension

“They say if you pay into the state pension for 35 years, you get £168.60 a week. Except quite a lot of people have been paying in a lot longer and won’t get that much”

23-Jul-19 – Daily Mail: This is Money – Why won’t I get a full state pension after paying NI for 39 years?

23-Jul-19 – Royal London Life: Steve Webb – Topping up your State Pension

18-Jul-19 – Daily Express – State Pension UK: Amount won’t rise for some retirees living overseas – Are you affected?

“I will not give up the fight, either until I die, or until we get our pensions”

– Anne Puckridge, 94, End Frozen Pensions campaigner

10-Jul-19 – The Connexion (France): Brexit Minister to raise rights with EU today

03-Jul-19 – Full This Comparison of Pensions in Different Countries is Misleading

24-Jun-19 – Caymans News Service: CIG faces big week hosting JMC

24-Jun-19 – Would Boris as PM cause even more chaos for British expats in the EU?

20-Jun-19 – Expats Blog: Brit expat retirees advised to choose countries with UK state pension uprates

19-Jun-19 – Lancashire Telegraph: Ribble Valley MP in ‘frozen pensions’ plea to Tory leadership candidates

“The leadership election taking place over the coming weeks will settle not only who leads the Conservative Party, but also who will become the next Prime Minister.
Whoever this may be, they need tackle the issue of frozen pensions head-on, and I hope the frontrunners will make this into an election pledge”.

– Nigel Evans, MP for Ribble Valley

19-Jun-19 – The Local: Brexit: Why won’t the EU act to protect the rights of Britons in Europe?

19-Jun-19 – The Connexion (France): Ring-fence Britons’ Brexit rights – clarification

12-Jun-19 – Daily Express: State pension: Full list of countries where overseas pensioners WILL see payments go up

10-Jun-19 – Daily Express: State Pension frozen overseas: WW2 veteran, 94, vows to never ‘give up the fight’ – Part 2

 Image: Daily Express – Anne Puckridge, 94

“The excuses they [the DWP] give. Firstly it is money. They say that they can’t afford to backdate us. We’re not asking for backdating. The second point they say is they need a bilateral agreement [Freedom of Information request 2013/595 says quite clearly that reciprocal agreements are not required in order to uprate the State Pension]. The third one [the DWP say] is that they can’t afford it [despite the fact that there is a surplus of over £17 billion in the National Insurance Fund. It would cost only £600 million to uprate all of our State Pensions]”.

– Anne Puckridge, 94

9-Jun-19 – Daily Express: State pension frozen overseas: WW2 veteran recalls shock discovery DAYS before leaving UK – Part 1


“No country would treat its pensioners like that! No way would Britain, above all, do that to its fully paid up pensioners.”

– Anne Puckridge, 94

8-Jun-19 –  Business Telegraph: State pension frozen overseas: WW2 veteran recalls shock discovery DAYS before leaving UK

“To cut costs we stopped printing the relevant leaflets.”

– International Pensions Centre, 2012

6-Jun-19 – Lancashire Post: Lancashire MP urges new PM to tackle frozen pensions

“The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has estimated that the uprating of pensions would cost around £600m per year, but this cost is meagre compared to the money that the UK saves when pensioners move abroad and do not use our social services or NHS”

– Nigel Evans, MP for Ribble Valley

6-Jun-19 – Daily Express: D-DAY SHAME: How pension of veteran, 96, was FROZEN at £48 a week

“Bernard [Jackson] is a true hero who served the UK in its darkest times. Despite this, the Government didn’t think it fit to give him the full UK state pension he earned”

– Campaign to End Frozen Pensions

5-Jun-19 – Town Close Financial Planning: Why moving abroad can affect your state pension

4-Jun-19 – Daily Express: State Pension age changes for women to face judicial review this week – are you affected?

10-May-19 – The Senior (Australia): Brexit silver lining for UK pensioners?

Image: Jim Tilley, British Pensions in Australia (BPIA)

8-May-19 – The Guardian: UK and Ireland sign deal to guarantee rights of citizens after Brexit

2-May-19 – Money Marketing: Steve Bee: Will we ever have a state pension system to be proud of?

“Any financial adviser will tell you a pension that does not increase in payment will probably halve in value during a “typical” 20-year retirement…… We need a state pension system that we can both rely on and be proud of, whatever age we are; one that cares for our senior citizens and that quickly puts things right when they go wrong”

– Steve Bee – Director, Jargonfree Benefits

26-Apr-19 – Which?:  Is the future of the state pension triple lock in doubt?

25-Apr-19 – Daily Express:  State pension UK: Lords urge government to scrap triple lock – what does it mean for you?

25-Apr-19 – IPE: Peers call for removal of triple lock on UK state pension

24-Apr-19 – Financial Reporter: Reliance on State Pension at highest level since 1995

24-Apr-19 – Expat pensioners in France under threat of being thrown out due to income requirements 

18-Apr-19 – State pension SHOCK for British expatriates: 510,000 retirees stuck with FROZEN pension

18-Apr-19 – Daily Express: State pension SHOCK for British expats: 510,000 retirees stuck with FROZEN pension

18-Apr-19 – Thai Vision Forum: State Pension (2018)

16-Apr-19 – International Investment: UK lawmakers fight expat frozen pensions policy

“Why do they get the increase in Jamaica but not Trinidad, in the United States but not Canada, and in the Philippines but not Indonesia? It is crazy” 

16-Apr-19 – The fight to repeal expat frozen pensions isn’t over yet

15-Apr-19 – Daily Express: State pension: 510,000 UK pensions frozen if you live here – how much should you get?

14-Apr-19 – The Guardian: Frozen state pensions: MPs call for vote on ‘cruel’ policy

“The government has cynically tied together the unjust freezing of the pensions of 510,000 UK pensioners who paid into the system, many of whom served this country, with increases in important social security benefits,” he said. “This blocks many MPs from joining me in standing against this injustice. This is grossly unfair and against democracy. I firmly believe that MPs deserve a vote on the frozen pension policy and that is why I am praying against this statutory instrument to force the government to allow debate on the issue.”

– Sir Peter Bottomley, MP

13-Apr-19 – This is Money: MPs plan a revolt against rules that hit the pensions of older British citizens living abroad

9-Apr-19: Recent decision: DWP v Poor pensioner-bilateral agreements

8-Apr-19 – UK Government: The Social Security Benefits Up-rating Regulations 2019 

“3. Regulation 5 of the Social Security Benefit (Persons Abroad) Regulations 1975(c) (application of disqualification in respect of up-rating of benefit) and regulation 21 of the State Pension Regulations 2015(d) (entitlement to state pension for overseas residents) shall apply to any additional benefit payable by virtue of the Up-rating Order and to any up-rating increase as defined in section 22(1) of the Pensions Act 2014(e) respectively”

6-Apr-19 – Department for Exiting the EU: Citizens’ Rights – UK nationals in the EU Policy Paper 

…eligible UK nationals living in the EU will ​continue to receive an uprated UK State Pension for the financial year 2019/20 and have set out our intention to continue to do so thereafter, subject to reciprocal arrangements being put in place with the EU or Member States.

4-Apr-19 – The Independent: Let Us Vote: New campaign launched to give everyone living in UK the right to vote in elections

3-Apr-19 – Early Day Motion (EDM) 2265

1-Apr-19 – International Investment: Cyprus among the most to lose with Brexit

“At the end of that [transition] period, UK and Cyprus will seek a longer-term bilateral agreement to secure reciprocal healthcare for Britons in Cyprus and Cypriots in the UK,  according to the British High Commission.”

29-Mar-19 – State Pension Erosion – 1987 – 2019

29-Mar-19: Daily Express: State pension UK: Amount will rise next week – reason you may not get increase revealed

“The state pension amount is rising on April 6 2019, but some people won’t reap the increase.

This excludes Canada or New Zealand. This means that some people who have travelled elsewhere to spend their retirement years may not reap the upcoming rise”

28-Mar-19 – The Local (Italy): What would no-deal Brexit mean for Brits in Italy? Here’s what we know so far

19-Mar-19 – The Guardian: No-deal Brexit: UK to pay some health costs of retired Britons in EU 

“The UK government has committed to fund healthcare for UK nationals (and others for whom the UK is responsible) who have applied for, or are undergoing, treatments in the EU prior to and on exit day, for up to one year, to protect the most vulnerable,”

– Stephen Hammond (Health Minister)

15-Mar-19 – Property Investor Today: Brits’ access to healthcare and pensions in Spain guaranteed until 2020 

12-Mar-19 – ABC News (Australia): Brexit offers glimmer of hope to British retirees in Australia with frozen pensions

“And if maybe fraud is too strong a word, but that’s the way it feels. It feels like I’m being defrauded of something I’m actually entitled to.”

– Derek Woodall, retired, but still having to work part-time

11-Mar-19 – UK Government: The Social Security Benefits Up-rating Order 2019

10-Mar-19 – ABC News (Australia): Brexit offers glimmer of hope as Miriam Margolyes joins British retirees’ fight for fair go on pensions

“We expats have contributed to these pensions through the national insurance scheme, we’ve paid our dues there, and we’re simply not getting what we’ve paid for.”

– Retired doctor Don Ingham has seen his UK pension effectively halve in value since he came to this country with his Australian wife in 1970.

8-Mar-19 – Sir Peter Bottomley, MP:  Frozen Pensions Abroad


6-Mar-19 – What Do They Know: Freedom of Information (FOI) 2019/06464

“The Government is committed to reaching an agreement on the UK’s withdrawal from the EU. Under the terms of the EU Withdrawal Agreement, the UK would continue to uprate  pensions to UK State Pensioners in the EU who fall within the scope of the Withdrawal Agreement. Negotiations on a future agreement on social security coordination with the EU are still ongoing and the Government has set out its intention to include uprating of State Pension in this agreement

– Department of Work and Pensions (DWP)

22-Feb-19 – Department for Exiting the European Union: Common Travel Area Guidance

You also have the right to access social security benefits on the same basis as citizens of the state you are in. The UK and Irish Governments have concluded a bilateral agreement to ensure that these rights will continue to be protected after the UK leaves the EU

14-Feb-19 – FTAdviser: Uprating frozen pensions to cost £3 billion

Baroness Ros Altmann said she appreciated the reluctance of DWP to automatically uprate state pensions for affected pensioners, especially “as there is evidence that some of the money would merely reduce means tested support that other governments pay to pensioners on low incomes…. The problems that could arise and the extreme uncertainty that would impact British citizens who have retired to EU countries and could lose their uprating as a result of Brexit, might be an opportunity to reconsider the moral case for unfreezing these pensions.”

14-Feb-19 – Pensions Age: DWP estimates uprating state pensions in ‘frozen rate’ countries cost at £3bn

“Over half a million people are understandably furious that, having paid into the system and retired abroad, they find their state pensions frozen. Over the course of someone’s retirement this could have a huge impact, potentially costing more than £50,000 in state pension income. For many this might be the difference between living comfortably and struggling to make ends meet”

– AJ Bell Senior Analyst

14-Feb-19 – GOV.UK: Estimated costs of uprating State Pension in frozen rate countries 

4-Feb-19 – Department of Work and Pensions: Government agrees deal to protect social security rights of UK and Irish citizens living and working in each other’s state 

31-Jan-19 – Government Actuary’s Department: Report by the Government Actuary on: The draft Social Security Benefits Up-rating Order 2019; and The draft Social Security (Contributions) (Rates, Limits and Thresholds Amendments and National Insurance Funds Payments) Regulations 2019