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13-Aug-18: BBC Radio 4: You and Yours – ‘Frozen’ Pensioners – Transcript and ICBP Annotations

10-Aug-18: Moneyweek: Brexit: No Deal, No Pension

2-Aug-18: Kent Live: The Tunbridge Wells women left with £3 a week or forced to sell their homes after their pensions were delayed

31-Jul-18: FT Adviser: Retiring expats urged to seek advice on pension agreements

31-Jul-18: International Investment: Brexit puts pension agreements for retiring expats at risk

30-Jul-18: Foreign & Commonwealth Office: UK nationals in the EU: essential information

29-Jul-18: Livewire Livesey Blog: Frozen British Pensions – Jul 2018

24-Jul-18: Sky News: Law keeping UK under EU jurisdiction will continue to apply after Brexit

24-Jul-18: The Independent: No-deal Brexit will make it ‘illegal’ to pay pensions to retired British expats living in EU, MPs told

19-Jul-18: David Hencke: Revealed: The £271 billion rape of the National Insurance Fund that deprived 50s women of their state pension

18-Jul-18: Parliamentary Briefing Note CBP-7894: Brexit and State Pensions – Djuna Thurley

6-Jul-18: GOV.UK: Information about the Brexit Withdrawal Bill

4-Jul-18: The Local (Germany): ‘You remain a very high priority’: a letter to Brits from the UK ambassador

15-Jun-18: Tens of thousands of people are being paid WRONG state pension due to massive data bungle

14-Jun-18: Cochrane Eagle: If you’re British in Canada, your pension is frozen

14-Jun-18: Financial Times: UK retirees face state pension cuts after review uncovers errors

11-Jun-18: Which?: Retiring Abroad: Will your State Pension be Frozen?

31-May-18: Average Worker Earns Expat Frozen Pension In 3 Hours

31-May-18: Livewire Livesey Blog: Frozen British Pensions – May 2018

31-May-18: Figures show inadequate UK state pension for what it is

29-May-18: Your Money: Top up your State Pension and get £244 a year more in retirement

25-May-18: Your Money: Today marks State Pension survival day

20-May-18: The Telegraph: How to get a tax rebate when you move abroad

26-Apr-18: Antigua Observer: Richard Branson supports the fight against frozen pensions

23-Apr-18: UK frozen pension victims still fighting for their rights

“Harry Penny managed to get back to Britain [during WW II] without being captured and was awarded an MBE but he died knowing his fight for a full pension had been lost.”

23-Apr-18: Livewire Livesey Blog: Frozen British Pensions April 2018 #2

21-Apr-18: The Globe & Mail: With Brexit looming, Britain suddenly remembers the Commonwealth

21-Apr-18: The Guardian: War Hero’s battle shows up our inhumane frozen pensions policy

19-Apr-18: Sir Richard Branson gives his opinion on Frozen Pensions

“Many pensioners have paid into the system their entire lives and expected to be supported through retirement”.

– Sir Richard Branson

19-Apr-18: Daily Express: OAPs risk ‘losing out on thousands’

“We knew that year-on-year we would become progressively worse off and wouldn’t be able to afford to live without being a burden to our son and daughter-in-law. That was something we weren’t prepared to do so we had no choice but to stay in the UK”.

– Rita Young – Aged 82

17-Apr-18: Your Money: Top tips for those planning a move abroad

17-Mar-18: Brits in Toronto: Brexit:”Nothing is Agreed Until Everything is Agreed”

16-Mar-18: Daily Mail: MPs warn thousands of middle class mothers could lose up to £23,000 off their State Pensions

19-Feb-18: Livewire Livesey Blog: Expatriate British Pensions Update February 2018

17-Feb-18: London School of Economics: Overseas Electors Bill: does government really intend to give expats ‘votes for life’?

14-Feb-18: The West Australian: Expat British Retirees call on Malcolm Turnbull to end Pension Freeze

14-Feb-18: The Telegraph: How Britain’s state pension is now meaner than Mexico’s

12-Feb-18: Information on ‘Frozen’ British State (Old Age) Pensions, Columbia Forum

05-Feb-18: Hansard: Social Security Benefits Uprating Order 2018

05-Feb-18: This Week in Parliament

23-Jan-18: iExpats: State Pension Piggy Bank is Running Out Of Cash

23-Jan-18: The Senior (Australia): Call to end Frozen Pension policy

11-Jan-18: iExpats: Cheating Expats Try To Fiddle Pension Claims

09-Jan-18: The Telegraph: Workers under 50 face tax rise to pay for state pensions

05-Jan-18: Pattaya Today: British Pensioner Fraudsters!

03-Jan-18: British expat retirees worldwide feel the pain of shrinking sterling

02-Jan-18: Khon Kaen Times: Plunging Pound Hits Expats Pensions All Over The World

01-Jan-18: Iexpats: Plunging Pound Saps Expat Pension Spending Power