Summer 2017 Campaign

Jeremy Corbyn,
Leader of the Opposition,
Member of the APPG

Just before the UK parliament broke for its summer recess, Leader of the Opposition, Jeremy Corbyn, tabled a motion against the Social Security Benefit Uprating Regulations. This is the measure that the government used to freeze our pensions earlier this year in March for another year.

But there is still a lot of work to do to promote the motion on a cross party basis. Building awareness and support is essential if Labour are to have any chance of securing time for a debate on their motion, or, even better, a government concession. (Anything is possible in a hung parliament!)

Parliament returns on 5th September. It would be wonderful if every MP came back to a mail box / bag full of correspondence from frozen pensioners. This would make it hard for them to ignore the issue, and we know from our previous campaigns that when we all write, our message does get through.

Therefore, over the summer please take a few minutes to send a letter/email to any MP with whose constituency you have a personal connection (i.e. places you have previously lived or places where you still have family).

In your correspondence, we advise:

• Setting out your historic constituency link.

• Sharing your own experience as a frozen pensioner and that of others you know.

• Explain why you think that pension freezing is wrong.

• Welcome the fact that the government has recently announced new commitment to continue to up-rate the state pensions of recipients in the EU after Brexit, but make the point that it is surely then wrong to discriminate between those who reside in Europe and those who live in the rest of the world. It is time for a fair solution for all overseas recipients.

• Ask them to demonstrate their support for you and for other frozen pensioners by adding their name to the “Prayer against the Social Security Benefits Up-rating Regulations”, which is formally tabled as “EDM159”.

If you need help to find the name or contact details for any MPs then please see our helpful spreadsheet below.

Thank you once again for your assistance with this campaign.

With best wishes

Sheila Telford

Chair, International Consortium of British Pensioners