Number of Frozen Pensioners Today

There are over 544,000 UK pensioners living in 120 countries who have their pension frozen at the point in which they first receive it (overseas). The table below shows the top 10 countries that are affected:

Country Number of Frozen Pensioners
Australia 247,440
Canada 144,240
New Zealand 64,320
South Africa 36,680
Japan 5,480
India 5,290
Thailand 4,580
Pakistan 3,740
Nigeria 2,780
TOTAL: 515,810

Source: DWP – February 2016

“The Queen included the words ‘we are implacably opposed to all forms of discrimination’ but the Government has dismissed her intentions as being purely ‘aspirational’”.

– Anne Puckridge, 92 year old frozen pensioner – Canada

“Nine in 10 of 15,000 people who voted in an online poll for The Telegraph supported an amendment that brought greater fairness to expat pensioners”.

– Daily Telegraph – April 2014