International Consortium of British Pensionersc/o 202-4800 Dundas Street West,Toronto, Ontario ON M9A 1B1 Ms Maria MillerMinister for Women and Equalities Dear Ms Miller, I am writing to you in my capacity as Chairman of the International Consortium of British Pensioners, a group that represents the interests of over 600,000 British […]

ICBP letter to UK politicians

The AGM of ICBP was held on Tuesday May 7th and the directors for the next year were elected. These are  Brian Lechem (CABP),  Brian Leggett (BPiA), John Markham (CABP), Sheila Telford(CABP) and Jim Tilley(BPiA). Tony Bockman, the Chairman has decided to step down both as Chairman and an ICBP director for personal […]

ICBP Annual General Meeting

In response to our letter to David Cameron, the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) have responded, as the department with responsibility on this issue. However, we have written again to the Prime Minister to emphasise our disappointment and frustration caused by the failure of Downing Street to engage on this […]

DWP responds to our open letter to Cameron

As a test run for our ongoing key marginal seat campaign, the ICBP undertook an exciting campaign in the Eastleigh By-Election led by our UK Spokesperson Brian Leggett. Although the date of the by-election was announced far sooner than expected, within three weeks the ICBP had crafted and implemented an […]

Eastleigh campaign