Eastleigh campaign

As a test run for our ongoing key marginal seat campaign, the ICBP undertook an exciting campaign in the Eastleigh By-Election led by our UK Spokesperson Brian Leggett. Although the date of the by-election was announced far sooner than expected, within three weeks the ICBP had crafted and implemented an effective campaign.

As the ICBP Spokesperson, Brian attended local hustings where the party candidates answered questions from members of the public and the ICBP wrote to all candidates asking them to outline their position on the issue. To draw public and political attention to the campaign we placed an advert in the local paper and decided to place a billboard in the constituency.

We commissioned a striking billboard at the Spitfire Roundabout (a busy thorough-fare close to the main train station in Eastleigh) which was the focus of an unveiling to the media on 25th February. It delivered a damning message about the government betrayal of frozen pensioners: “Supported by the Lib Dems in opposition. Abandoned by the Lib Dems in government. How can we trust the Lib Dems again?”

The billboard campaign received excellent national and local media coverage and was featured in the Daily Mail, BBC, Evening Standard, as well as local newspapers and pensions magazines. Brian was interviewed on national radio and the campaign featured on ABC Australia.

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