ICBP Annual General Meeting

The AGM of ICBP was held on Tuesday May 7th and the directors for the next year were elected.

These are  Brian Lechem (CABP),  Brian Leggett (BPiA), John Markham (CABP), Sheila Telford(CABP) and Jim Tilley(BPiA). Tony Bockman, the Chairman has decided to step down both as Chairman and an ICBP director for personal reasons.

There followed a short Director’s meeting and Sheila Telford was elected new Chairman of ICBP.

The board of ICBP would like to thank Tony Bockman, once again, for his extraordinary contribution to ICBP since its inception and the tremendous work he has put into the frozen pensions’ fight. His legacy for us is his tenacity and determination to keep on going until we have a successful resolution.

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