ICBP replies to government closure of “spouse’s pensions” loophole

The International Consortium of British Pensioners (ICBP) has responded to the government announcement regarding the payment of “married person’s pensions” to people living abroad based solely on their spouses’ British work history.

Following an announcement from the Pensions Minister, Stephen Webb MP, about the government action being taken to address existing loopholes and anomalies, the Consortium highlights that there is further action which needs to be taken.

John Markham, ICBP Director of UK Parliamentary Affairs commented:

“We recognise that the current  British pension system is  in dire need of an overhaul and that going forward in 21st century, everyone should be responsible for their own pension dependent on their own work  and contribution history. Under the new system women will be able to build up a pension in their own right which means that of necessity, “spousal” pensions will become a thing of the past. 

However, this overhaul also needs to recognise that every pensioner can expect to receive the pension they have earned dependent on the rules in place at the time and that pension must be increased by inflation every year for all pensioners, wherever they choose to live in retirement. The Government must seize this opportunity to cease its random policy of freezing pensions in certain countries and not in others”.

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