“You and Yours” BBC Radio Program – Reactions

Here are some of the comments that we have received from around the world….

“To qualify for a retirement visa [ in Thailand], you have to have an income of 65,000 Thai Bahts per month [just over £1,500]. Very few expats here can now afford to renew their visa, so we are being forced to return home”

M. Walters – Thailand

“My mum died last month, at the age of 101. For the past 36 years, she received her frozen British pension in Canada. I was hoping that she would see an ‘unfrozen’ pension before her demise. Thanks for all your good work”

– Ms. MacLaren – Canada

“I’m a British pensioner, currently living in Mexico, but shortly to return to the UK because I don’t want to end up living in (less than) genteel poverty in a few years’ time when my pension has degraded significantly from it’s already paltry level!”

– E. Kellaway – Mexico

“It was mentioned several times that it would be expensive to up-rate pensions to today’s level.  That is a fallacy.  The cost would be £590 million which sounds a lot but, put in context, it is peanuts.  It amounts to 0.7% of the annual pensions budget and the National Insurance pension fund is very substantially in surplus [£5 billion] and could easily afford the increase”

 – J. Duffy (ICBP Chair) – Antigua

“It appears only a UK Government would treat their pensioners in such a shallow way with total disregard for their fellow citizens who contributed to the UK growth over the last 50 years and then discarded as a nuisance at any opportunity which this seems to me to have happened”

 – M. Foulger – South Africa

“I also listened to the BBC programme and decided that injustice carried on for over seventy years doesn’t change the fact that it is an injustice.

I shall be encouraging those British subjects in Hong Kong who might be affected to look at your campaign and become active therein.

Good luck and keep up the good work – you have morality on your side”

 – C. Lawrence – Hong Kong

“Reciprocal” reciprocity (UK parliament agrees) is not necessary. Furthermore, all OECD countries – including Canada – index pensions no matter where pensioners live – it is the UK which is behaving unjustifiably – I do hope that Brexit will bring change. It is the UK refuses to sign such agreements”

 – H. Ellis – Canada